About Us

Vivien Rose. So Natural. So Beautiful.

In our ever-changing world, the simple pleasures in life are craved more than we have ever known. Premium experiences have become so precious.

Through all the noise, comes a welcome change of good fortune.

Inspired by the romance and engineering excellence of Australian heritage winemaking, the Vivien Rose skincare range widens the experience of the country’s renowned wine culture through the depth and character of its unique nature products and lifestyle portfolio.

Vivien Rose’s Home Base, including the first Vivien Rose flagship store, is being built in the historical Ben Ean Winery of Hunter Valley, formerly Lindemans Ben Ean Winery.

The outstanding winemaking achievements over the last 150 years of the winery makes it one of Australia’s most iconic locations, in the heart of Hunter Valley, the oldest premium wine region in the Country.

Vivien Rose is passionate in developing more natural premium wine including organic wine, proudly created by the natural and clean purities of the Australian landscape.

Vivien Rose Lifestyle has a delicate view and understands the different needs of our customers who cherish what nature can bring to our life. This is particularly evident with our new range of skincare. Our face & body products beautifully made for both women and men looking for that purity Vivien Rose can deliver to the world. Not only focusing on the premium quality but the style and fashion of the ever-changing needs of our customers.

Vivien Rose lifestyle will make you feel like you have struck GOLD (Golden Life)

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